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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vaikhanasa Agama( Sukta details)

In the vaikhanasa style of worship, various suktams from the vedas are widely used. Depending on the ritual being done various number of suktams are recited. In the previous posts we have seen mentions of panca suktam or a set of five suktams. Below is a given list of suktams used in vaikhanasa style of worship .
Vishnu, Purusha, Narayana,Sri and Bhu suktams are called "Panca suktam"
Vishnu, Nru, Sri, Bhu and Ekakshara suktams are also known as "Panca suktam"

Rudra, Dhruva, Durga, Ratri, Saraswatam, Viswajit, Purusha, Aghamarshana, Godana and Atma suktams are known as dasa suktam

Dasa and suktam and Panca suktam together form Panca dasa suktam.


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