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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 9

Sloka 79:
The Lord is known as Adhokshaja as He is beyond the comprehension of senses. He is not touched by Prakriti and His glories are infinite in number. He is the source of all creation and His incarnations are infinite in number.

Sloka 80:
His names are infinite in number and His knowledge,bliss and kindness are also infinite. He is known somewhat by the Vedas,which are infinite in number and cannot be known completely even by the Vedas. He grants infinite happiness and pleasures to His devotees because His abundant mercy.

Sloka 81:
The happiness of Your devotees,who worship Your feet incessantly with concentrated minds, increases manifold day by day both here and there(After death and before death). How fortunate are they! How fortunate are they!

Sloka 82:
Even if one gets an infinitesimal part of Your grace, he gets everything in this Universe . Then what to speak of devotees who are lucky enough to get a substantial amount of Your grace?

Sloka 83:
The divine acts that You performed in Your various incarnations were shown by You to Your devotees to make them understand Your merciful nature.

Sloka 84:
When an insect fell at Your feet in Your Veda Vyasa incarnation You bestowed a kingdom on that insect. (An ancient story about Veda Vyasa bestowing a kingdom on an insect). When Your feet touched a stone it became a beautiful woman Ahalya(In Rama incarnation). Then what to speak of Your infinite grace towards Your devotees?

Sloka 85:
In Your incarnation as Krishna You became a charioteer for Arjuna. Out of Your Supreme grace towards Indra , You became a beggar as Vamana and asked for three feet of land. Again out of Your supreme mercy towards King Bali , You became His gate keeper at His request.

Sloka 86:
When the elephant Gajendra was troubled by the crocodile Kshudra , instead of sending Your servants or gate keepers , You Yourself went in haste to protect Your devotee out of our infinite grace.

Sloka 87:
Lord! You may leave the Vaikuntha also someday but You will never leave Your devotees in trouble. "My devotees are the dearest to me" is Your Supreme Will.

Sloka 88:
Kamadhenu(wish fulfilling cow), KalpaVriksha(wish fulfilling tree) and ChintaMani(wish fulfilling gem) are desired by everyone to fulfill their desires. But You on the hill of venkatachala became all the three in one form of Lord Venkateswara.

Sloka 89:
Kamadhenu etc can only fulfill material desires like food, wealth etc. but they dont have the capacity to give Moksha. But only You can fulfill the material and spiritual desires of Your devotees.

Sloka 90-92:
If You are happy with a devotee , You bestow all the four desires of a human being. You might even remove the blindness of one who is blind by birth and provide Your gracious darshan to Him.
You can make a deaf man hear Your auspicious glories and You can make a dumb man speak all the sastras in eloquence. You can make a dull-witted person intelligent and an expert in Sankhya, Yoga and Samadhi. (In short there is nothing impossible for the Lord)

Sloka 93:
For one without hands, You can give hands and make him perform Your worship in all splendour.
You can make a lame man walk and can persuade him to visit Your abodes like Venkatachala etc.

Sloka 94:
The supreme Lord destroys all the sorrows of a devotee immediately and give them happiness. He saves them from the problems of old age, from diseases like leprosy etc and from mystic spells that aim to kill the devotee. Out of Your supreme grace You give strong and beautiful body to Your devotees by removing all the immanent defects.

Sloka 95 :
Lord! Why to speak of so many things? In short, You eradicate all the problems of Your devotees and give them supreme happiness. There is no one equal to You in merciful nature in the whole universe.

Sloka 96:
The Lord is like a black cloud and the mothers Sri and Bhu are like lightning in that cloud. This black cloud showers rain that cools down the heat of the devotees caused by the three kinds of problems and fulfills all their desires. (Adhi Bhowtika, Adhi Daivika and Adhyatmika).

Sloka 97:
The supreme Lord gives a plunge to His devotees in an ocean called "Fulfillment of desires" and then keeps them on an island called "Great Bliss". Thus the happiness and the pleasures of Lord's devotees only keep growing and never diminsh.

End of Second Chapter.

narayana smaranam.

"Stopped writing about Srinivasa mahatmyam as I found other works on the net which did the same. Will start writing about Vaikhanasa agamas and their style of worship."

This is the place where one can find the complete translation of the work by Sree Sistla.


  • At 4:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A great work.. Hats off.. but not thst easy to spend sometime on it..

    keep posting...

    urs bro'...

  • At 8:06 AM , Blogger Maven said...

    dude! no fair! wat happened to deva sarnam?!!

    and did u actually type all this??!!

  • At 11:39 AM , Blogger Vamsee A R K said...

    Yes I typed all this... You should find the translation of this work in many sites...So I didnt want to redo the whole thing. May Lord Narayana shower His grace on all.

  • At 12:03 AM , Blogger A Telugu Guy said...

    YOu typed the whole will get immense punyam...
    Are the translations of the slokas your own...or you prepared them copying from different sources?
    You stopped writing the translations after second chapter. May you please say me where I can get the translations for remaining?
    Also can you please tell me where I can get all the original sanskrit slokas also(those which you numbered as sloka1, sloka2, etc) ? Thank you so much for providing translations till 2nd chapter....I felt very very pleasant reading the translations...You are really great...Thank you so much...


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