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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 5

Sloka 45:
Devasarma said " Lord Venkateswara! You created the creator Brahma from a lotus that emanated from your navel. You are the Lord of the Goddess Sri, who sits on a lotus. You are the Lord of all gods viz. Brahma, Siva, Indra and others. Lord your eyes are as soft and beautiful as full-blown lotuses. You wear a garland of lotuses and wear a lotus,a mudra of protection, Sankha and Chakra in your four hands respectively.

Sloka 46:
"Lord! Your feet and hands are as soft as a lotus flower. You reside in the lotus hearts of all living beings. I pray to your beautiful lotus-like feet to grant me protection".

Sloka 47-48:
"Lord Srinivasa! The power of your lotus feet is incomprehensible even for Maha Lakshmi herself. With your one foot you measured all the three worlds! All the spiritual qualities emanate from the splendour of the nail on your little toe. Because of Her inability to comprehend the infinite spiritual glory of your little nail, which shines like a bright gem, MahaLakshmi, who spends all Her time staring at your lotus feet, finally finds Herself lost in an ocean of astonishment and happiness. Happiness as she savours the spiritual glory of Lord's little nail and astonishment as she finds Herself incapable of describing the Lord's little nail's spritual glory, which cannot be understood even by the eternal Vedas themselves."
[Reference to Vamana incarnation where the Lord measures all the three worlds and receives it as a gift from the great devotee King Bali is made. The sloka indirectly reminds a sadhaka of the importance of meditating on the lotus feet of the Lord. Srimad Bhagavata rightly describes that the splendour that emanates from the Lord's nails removes the darkness of spiritual ignorance when meditated upon by devotees.]

Sloka 49-50:
"At the time of creation, Your spiritual glory was explained by You to the creator Brahma out of Your parental love. He is still engaged in singing Your divine qualities with all His four heads. He has not stopped counting Your divine qualities even today either because he has not finished counting yet as they are so infinite in number or because he derives immense pleasure in doing so."

Sloka 51-52:
"Even the great AdiSesha with His thousands of hoods is not able to comprehend the spiritual glory of Your little toe nail, though he is an expert in expounding the meaning of all Vedas. Even the Vedas in their personified form, when they met together, were incapable of understanding the glory of Your little toe nail and exclaimed as follows."

Sloka 53:
"All the Gods starting from Brahma were given different responsibilities and power by the Supreme Lord at the begining. After that they started enjoying the power that was given to them by the Supreme Lord".

Sloka 54:
" In spite of being extremely powerful, all the Gods were alert and devoted when it comes to worshipping the Lord of Seshachala, the Lord of Mother Ramaa. We, the Vedas, were also installed by Him in our positions so that we can describe His infinite glories. Alas! We failed to do our job though we ourselves are infinite and eternal".

Sloka 55:
" The spiritual glories of the Lord's little toe are infinite in number. Even if all of us, the infinite Vedas, together describe them we can only cover a one part in infinity".
[So infinite is the glory of the Lord's toe nails that even the infinite Vedas find themselves in a critical situation.]


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