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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 2

Sloka 10:
The Lord's name is sweet to hear and it grants all the material desires of the devotees. It also bestows great wealth and Supreme knowledge on the sadhaka. [ It is indeed Iha and Para Saukhya pradam].

Sloka 11:
The hill Venkatachala doesnt have the defects of impurity etc. as the Lord from Vaikuntha himself resides there. Dhyanam on the Lord of Venkatachala grants detachment,devotion,sattva and complete mastery over senses to the devotees.

Sloka 12:
The left overs of food eaten by Lord Vekateswara (prasadam) is indeed a medicine that guarantees protection to the devotees. Partaking it grants safety to the devotees and rejecting it invites opposite results( inauspicious results ). [ This is not applicable to a devotee who is observing a vow of fast]

Sloka 13:
Lord Srinivasa is the creator, protector and destroyer of the three worlds. He is not touched by the three qualities( sattva, rajas and tamas) though He uses them to grant the results of prarabdha to all creatures. He neither has a begining nor has an end . He is the refuge of all sages and cannot be known even through the Vedas. He is indeed the Supreme Soul.

Sloka 14:
Lord Venkateswara with mother "Sri" is worshipped incessantly with great devotion by Brahma, Siva, Adisesha, Garuda and other gods. Truly He is the master of all jivas.

Sloka 15:
Lord Srinivasa is the master and teacher of all moving and non-moving creation. The Supreme Lord, who is an eternal witness to all, is always worshipped through japam, archana, smarana and dhyana by all devas.
[ Japam - recitation of His names.
Archana - Worshipping Him with flowers, fruits, tulasi leaves, delicious food and water.
Smarana - Thinking about His glories.
Dhyana - Concentration on His feet as an object of meditation.]

Sloka 16:
The devotee, who recites the Lord's name with his mind and life breath merged in the Lord, gets spiritual merit far greater than performing innumerable Aswamedha sacrifices, donating many cows and giving many Kanyas as a gift.

Sloka 17:
Gifting gold equal to the size of Mount Meru along with many other equivalent gifts cannot equal a single recitation of Lord's name in spiritual merit. What to speak of His wonderful glory then?

Sloka 18:
The glory of Lord's name was first told by Adisesha to the great sage Kapila. I heard the same from my teacher Kapila himself, who is a great Yogi.


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