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Friday, August 04, 2006

Aditya Purana Antargata Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 1

I will try to post some excerpts from "Aditya Purana" which are related to Sri Venkateswara. Today we will start with the first chapter. Aditya Purana has excellent devotional hymns on Sri Venkateswara, whose purpose is to highlight the glories of the Lord who is the master of Kali Yuga.
Statements in the brackets are comments that may be used to understand the essence of each sloka.
First Chapter
Sloka 1:
One cannot gain Viveka (discriminatory knowledge) without learning the puranas even if one is an expert in four Vedas and Upanishads.[ The reason being that puranas teach dharmic conduct by taking examples from the lives of great sages]

Sloka 2:
Sage Sounaka said: "Dear Suta! Please kindly expound the glories of Lord Sri Venkateswara, which you have learned by Divine grace. These glories of Lord Venkateswara bestow auspiciousness on the one who expounds and one who listens to them".

Sloka 3:
"Dear Suta! You, who is full of grace and who is learned in all sastras, should tell the story of Sri Venkateswara, which is like nectar to the hearts of deserving devotees."

Sloka 4:
Sage Suta said: "Dear Sages! Listen attentively with a devotional attitude to the auspicious story of Sri Venkateswara that I will explain now in detail as requested by all of you"

Sloka 5:
"There is no place in the whole Universe which is more auspicious than the hill Venkatachala . There is no Archa murti (worshippable form) in all the three times (present,past and future) whose glories are comparable to the Lord of Venkatachala"

Sloka 6:
" Who can describe the wonderful glories of Sri Venkateswara fully?(No one can). The glories of the Lord help the devotees to cross the ocean of Samsara by destroying their sins and by motivating them to perform auspicious deeds."

Sloka 7:
" The story of the Lord Srinivasa is wonderful and is sung by divine sages like Narada and others because of its auspicious nature. Let me sing the pristine and marvellous glories of the Lord which fulfill the desires of the devotees."

Sloka 8:
"The auspiciousness of the hill Seshachala is not seen in other piligrim places. Also the divine glory of the lord residing there is unparalleled."

Sloka 9:
"It is for this very reason that the nectar-like story of Sri Venkateswara is described in all Vedas, Puranas, Itihaasas and Agamas like Bharata."


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