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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 4

Sloka 34:
When Deva Sarma's luck had ripened, his guru Vayu went to his house because of his mercy on the great lady and the children.

Sloka 35:
When Deva Sarma had seen his guru, who had come at the completion of his penance, Deva Sarma got up and greeted Vayu, who is the teacher of all the worlds, with happiness.

Sloka 36:
He fell at the feet of his guru and did a Sashtanga Pranamam to the him and stood with folded palms. Then Lord Vayu started speaking to his disciple in a sweet and pleasant tone.

Sloka 37:
"Go on a pilgrimage to Venkatachala to see the Lord Venkateswara, the husband of Sri. By doing this your wishes will be fulfilled. There is no other way"

Sloka 38:
"With a devoted mind visit Venkatachala and see the Lord, the husband of Sri and who is an ocean of mercy and who grants boons even to Brahma and other deities. Get rid of all your doubts immediately"

Sloka 39:
After being told repeatedly thus by the best of Gods, the Vayu, who is also his guru, Deva Sarma started for the pilgrimage.

Sloka 40-41:
The guru's advice is beneficial for the disciple. A disciple should always follow the words of guru with devotion. There is no power stronger then the guru's command. And the guru's order should not be neglected in any case. Having pondered thus, Deva Sarma started for the hill Seshachala in an enthusiastic mood to see the Lord Venkatanadha.

Sloka 42:
Deva Sarma had the darsanam of the Lord Vishnu, who is known as "One filled with happiness", who resides in the place called "The abode of happiness" and who grants happiness and knowledge to his devotees, in a happy mood.

Ananda maya - One filled with happiness.
Ananda Nilaya - The abode of happiness(Name of the sanctum sanctorum in Tirumala).
Ananda Jnanadam - One who grants happiness and knowledge.

Sloka 43:
Seeing the Lord Venkateswara, who roams in bliss with His divine sakthis namely Sri and Dhara (Lakshmi and Earth), who smiles at the sight of His devotees due to His infinite love, Deva Sarma paid obeisance to Him with a devoted mind as follows:
[ The smile of Lord Venkatanadha of Tirumala is very famous for its sweetness and captivating power. The author here says that Lord Venkateswara smiles like that as He feels happy when He sees His devotees, who come to get His darsanam.]

Sloka 44:
Deva Sarma said " Obeisances to you Lord who is a treasure of mercy!Obesiances to you Lord who is a treasure of mercy!Obeisances to you Lord who is a treasure of mercy!Obeisances to you Lord who is a treasure of mercy".


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