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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 3

Sloka 19:
I will now tell you what I have heard from the sage Kapila regarding the activities dearer to Lord Hari. Performing them will give happiness to the sadhaka.

Sloka 20:
Go on a pilgrimage to Venkatachala with a determined mind and see the Lord Vishnu there with a mind filled with devotion and with senses well-controlled.

Sloka 21:
As Lord Hari likes the songs that praise His qualities, devotees should recite various stotrams knowing the divine qualities of the Lord.

Sloka 22:
Lord does not become pleasant with stotras done with out having the knowledge of His Supreme nature. When worshipped with devotion and knowledge, He fulfills the desires of His devotees.

Sloka 23:
Lord's grace does not shower on a person who neither does stotra's nor has Bhakti. I will tell you an ancient story in this regard.

Sloka 24:
Once upon a time there lived a devotee of Vishnu named "Deva Sarma", who was a disciple of the Lord Vayu( The deity that represents air). Listening to the story of the devotee Deva Sarma, who controlled his senses well, generates devotion towards the lotus feet of the Lord.

Sloka 25:
Deva Sarma always engaged himself in thinking about Vishnu and performing penance( Tapam). He followed all the Vedic injunctions strictly, renounced his desires towards material objects and reached a state devoid of attachment or ego.

Sloka 26:
He conquered the six internal enemies and was devoid of any desire[The six enemies are kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya]. Though he suffered from poverty, he did not worry about taking care of his family.

Sloka 27:
His wife, who was desirous of getting rid of poverty, prayed to him everyday to do something to take the family out of trouble.

Sloka 28-29:
She tells him that the children are suffering from hunger and that she is not capable of going to a forest and get some fruits for them. She begged him to save her as there is no one else to protect her and the children.

Sloka 30-31:
She said "The Lord Venkateswara, our family deity, has taken a vow to protect the world. All the saintly people in this world seek protection at His feet. He is the master of all Saranagatas and truly helps them to cross the ocean of samsara. Please go to His feet and pray to the master of Goddess Lakshmi.
[Saranagata is a person, who declares to the Lord that he doesnt know any other refuge other than the Lord. "Anyatha saranam nasti tvameva saranam mama".]

Sloka 32:
"Please show mercy on us kindly and pray to the Lord. When the Lord becomes happy with your prayer, He will definitely improve our living conditions".

Sloka 33:
Even though implored by his wife repeatedly, Deva Sarma did not go to Venkatachala for a long time because of the fear that the journey might become an obstacle to his penance.

narayana smaranam.


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