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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 6

Sloka 56-58:
Having thought thus, the Vedas decided to describe only an infinitesimal part of Lord glories. But when they tried that, they found that this small portion also started expanding into inifinity. The glory of the Lord's toe nail has expanded so much that it resembled the rays of Sun and it filled the entire universe from Patala to Heaven with its effulgence.

Sloka 59:
This glory of the Lord cannot be seen with eyes, heard with ears, told with the tongue and understood by the mind. Thus the Vedas found themselves in a fix and made a futile attempt to describe the Lord's spiritual glory.

Sloka 60-62:
The Vedas then dedicated themselves to describing an infinitesimal part of Lord's glory and praised the Lord in all their capacity. But how can the Vedas do a perfect job when deities like Lakshmi,Brahma and others failed in comprehending the Lord's glory to the fullest extent.

End of Chapter 1 of Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam.

Chapter 2:
Sloka 1:
Devasarma said " Let me describe the eternal beauty of Your lotus feet. Though Iam not qualified enough to do the same , I will still try my best having been inspired by You".

Sloka 2:
"Lord ! Though You have granted your heart as the resting place for MahaLakshmi, having been captivated by the beauty of Your lotus feet she made your feet her eternal abode. "

Sloka 3:
"Lord ! The divine mother after trying desperately to drink the nectar of the beauty of Your lotus feet found Herself shocked because of her inability and then decided to take three forms as she felt that two eyes are not enough to drink the nectar of Your beautiful feet"

Sloak 4:
"The divine mother then took three forms as Lakshmi on the left side, Bhudevi on the right side and occupied a place in front of You as Durga with great excitement. Now she can hopefully use Her six eyes to drink the nectar of Thy lotus feet."

Sloka 5:
"Mother Lakshmi gave up her interest in other things and with a single pointed mind started drinking the nectar of Thy lotus feet with great happiness. Looks like she is not satisfied yet! (As she has not stopped her efforts still)."

Sloka 6:
"Lord! Thou are the most beautiful thing in the Universe! Brahma, who emerged from a lotus that emanated from your navel, has concentrated all his senses in worshipping Thy lotus feet. "

Sloka 7:
"The creator, who could not quench his thirst inspite of drinking the ambrosia of Thy lotus feet day and night with his eight eyes, transformed himself into multiple forms so that he can drink the nectar of Thy lotus feet more."

Sloka 8-9:
"He took the forms of Kaustubha gem(that is worn around Lord's neck), Mount Meru, Vaikuntha, Sweta dweepa, Adisesha and Satya loka etc. to worship you incessantly. (Vaikuntha, Sweta dweepa and Adisesha are called Tridhama's or the three abodes of the Lord.) He also drank the nectar of Thy lotus feet incessantly and didnt get satisfied yet."


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