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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 8

Sloka 47 - 48:
Adisesha received the great fortune of serving you in four forms viz. bed, sitting place, foot rest and umbrella after performing intence penance for many years. Thus Sesha achieved what could not be achieved easily.

Sloka 49:
Seeing the great fortune of Sesha Mahalakshmi thought " Why should Sesha alone enjoy the bliss that was derived because of his contact with the Lord's body. Let me also enjoy the same!".

Sloka 50-51:
Inspite of staying in the lotus-heart of the Lord , the Divine mother Lakshmi decided to enjoy the happiness experienced by Sesha as Lord's bed, seat, foot-rest and umbrella. She also decided to stay along with Her Lord in the lotus hearts of all people living in Vaikuntha, the fourteen worlds, inside the universe and outside the universe.

Sloka 52:
She decided to serve the Lord in the forms of Lord's resting place, Cool breeze and fragrance in whichever place that Lord stays in the Universe.( Thus she became all materials that can be used for worshipping the Lord)

Sloka 53-55:
She has also taken the forms of various flower giving plants like Jasmine, Ketaki and Champaka so that she can worship the Lord in the form of various flowers. In order to reach the Lord's mouth as Naivedyam she has also become various fruit giving trees like badari, matulunga, kapitha, dadimi, jambu, and jambira. She has also taken the forms of Parijatha and Kalpavriksha trees and also became sandalwood and honey.

Sloka 56-57:
She has also entered the lake with fresh water that was situated in the Lord's resting place. She has also entered the flowers of various hues in that lake and also entered the honey bees, fishes, tortoises and swans in the lake. In short she has become everything in the lake.

Sloka 58:
The divine mother Rama also became a mantapa in the lake that is made of nine precious gems . She also became various chairs and sitting places in that mantapa.

Sloka 59-60:
Having entered everything in that divine lake that is situated in a forest with all the above mentioned fruit giving and flower giving plants, Adilakshmi worshipped the Lord with all the sixteen upacharas as mentioned in the sastras after having seated the Lord on the golden throne.
She also fed him various fresh and tasty fruits, Payasam and Pancha Bhakshyas in golden vessels.
After offering Naivedyam to the Lord the divine mother offered Him fresh drinking water.

Sloka 61:
Though the Lord is ever-satisfied and doesnt have any desires, Mahalakshmi, who is the essence in everything that is auspicious, offered Him all tasty foods with great devotion.

Sloka 62-63:
Mahalakshmi also became a golden cot, decorated with various diamonds, gems and pearls, so that the Lord can relax after a heavy meal. She also became the golden chains that are used to tie this cot to the ceiling.

Sloka 64-68:
A portion of Mahalakshmi's power, which is of the form of Mother Earth, became a soft mattress made of silk. Another portion that is of the form of Mother Sri became a pillow for the Lord's head. Yet another portion that is of the form of Mother Durga massaged the Lord's feet. Mahalakshmi also took the form of Tambula( betel leaves), fans decorated with precious gems and a gem studded resting place for your feet. She also took the forms of all royal paraphernalia that signify the Lord's soveriegnty over the whole Universe. Thus the Divine mother became One with You because of Her intense desire to serve in the forms all bhoga vastu. The divine mother and the Lord are ever united in all the abodes starting from Vaikuntha.

(All the above slokas look out of place at the first glance. But they have yogic significance for really advanced devotees. The above slokas are nothing but a way of doing nirguna manasa puja for the Lord. The Mahalakshmi is the purified mind of the devotee and the Lord is the eternal Self. The mind creates all mental paraphernalia and worships the Lord with all items of worship.)

Sloka 69:
The Supreme Lord is worshipped in various worlds in various forms by divinities like Brahma and others seated on a golden asana.

Sloka 70-71:
The Supreme Lord has created Brahma from a lotus that emanated from His navel. The great Lord Sankara is the heart of Venkateswara. All the gods starting from Indra, all the sages and other living beings emerged from various parts of the Lord's divine form. After creating everything the divine Lord entered everything and protected all from the outside.

Sloka 72:
The Supreme Lord is very different from all the beings that He has created. He is not bound like the other beings and is eternally free.

Sloka 73:
The Lord doesnt expect anything from others as He is ever-contented and all His wishes are fulfilled. He is very kind at heart and His sankalpa can never be changed. He is worshipped by all divinities like Rama(Sri), Brahma, Rudra, Indra and others.

Sloka 74:
The Lord as the indweller provides stimulus to all beings to act in a given way. He is the controller of muktas and amuktas(free and bound beings). He is an expert in achieving things that are impossible and He shines with innumerable good qualities.

Sloka 75:
He performs acts that cannot be thought of by anyone. He is smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest. He fills the entire Universe inside and outside. There is nothing that is comparable to Him in all the three worlds.

Sloka 76:
Everything in the Universe rests on Him and He is the eternal witness of all that happens. He is desired or liked by every creature as He is the indweller of all. He is the most beautiful and the best of all. He is omniscient and is the master of all beings. The past,present and future are nothing but Him only.

Sloka 77:
He is the eternally powerful and His acts cannot be comprehended by people with uncontrolled senses. At the same time, He can be comprehended by devotees with controlled senses. He is unchangeable and is known as "Sesha" as He alone remains at the time of great deluge. He is also known as "Asesha" as He pervades everything when the deluge ends. He is the eternal Brahman and hence cannot be touched by sins and He is all-auspicious.

Sloka 78:
He is not touched by decay,disease,death and incompleteness. He shows the four ways of dharma( brahmana, kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra) to the world. He also bestows dharma, artha, kama and moksha on His devotees. He grants the four kinds of moksha viz. salokya, sameepya, sarupya and sayujya to His devotees depending on their eligibility.


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