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Friday, September 15, 2006

Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam - 7

Sloka 10-12:
The great Adisesha, who serves the Lord in various forms such as bed, throne, umbrella and foot-rest, thought thus: "The glory of Lords feet is unparalleled in its spoiritual glory. There is nothing which is as beautiful as this in the past. The feet of the Lord can delude even the great Lord Himself"

Sloka 13-15:
The Adisesha meditated on the feet of Lord,who is the husband of Lakshmi and immersed himself in the ocean of bliss by looking at the Lord's feet with all his thousand eyes with great affection. He felt that he is indeed fortunate for getting the opportunity to serve the Lord by staying near.

Sloka 16-17:
" I will not go even to Vaikunta leaving the feet of my Lord at Venkatachala. Even in vaikunta, I will not get the bliss that equals the happiness that I derive by serving my Lords feet here." thus thought the great Sesha.

Sloka 18-19:
" Even if I go to Patala I can serve your feet as Patala is nothing but the feet of the Supreme Purusha. I will not waste even a second by not drinking the nectarine beauty of Your feet." Thinking thus, Adisesha kept on roaming in places where he could find the divine marks of Lord's feet.

Sloka 20 :
The great Lord Sankara, who bestows happiness on His devotees , pondered as follows over the glory of Lord's feet.

Sloka 21 -22:
"The great Adisesha is very lucky as he has thousand eyes to drink teh nectar of Lords lotus feet. How unfortunate am I with only three eyes to serve the Lord? Indeed Iam unlucky as I stay far away from the Lord in Kailasa and Sesha is very nearer to the Lord. May I take my next incarnation as Adisesha so that I can serve the Lord better". He went to Kailasa with a heart filled with sadness and vairagya after thinking thus.

Sloka 23 - 25:
Deva Sarma said " Lord Venkatesa! The King of Gods Indra, who emerged from Your divine face, enjoyed the beauty of Your lotus feet with his thousand eyes day and night and declared that he didnt experience this Supreme Bliss before.(even when he drank nectar also)"

Sloka 26 - 28:
" One cannot see eyelids as they are too nearer to eyes. Similarly one can enjoy the beauty of Lord's feet better from a distance. Thinking thus Indra settled in heaven and decided to go back after he felt satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Thy feet. But because of his lack of contentment in drinking the nectar of Thy Lotus feet , he settled forever in heaven."

Sloka 29 - 30:
"When this is the condition of great divinities, how can I , a mere mortal sing the glory of Thy lotus feet? Pardon me for the effort Iam making in singing the glory of Thy lotus feet. In spite of my inability, I have decided to do so in an attempt to purify the three worlds"

Sloka 31-32:
"Lord Srinivasa ! Thou wears the sign of Wheel(chakra) in Your feet to convey that hearing the glory of Thy lotus feet destroys the darkness of ignorance and creates light of Knowledge and leads teh devotees to Your abode."
(The chakra rekha in the Lord's feet signifies destruction of ignorance)

Sloka 33:
"Meditating on the glory of Thy lotus feet bestows the knowledge of four vedas, Itihasas, Puranas, Mantra sastras and Upanishads on the aspirant. Thou wears the sign of a conch in Your feet to signify this."
(The sankha rekha signifies Omniscience to the devotee)

Sloka 34-35:
" The meditation on Thy lotus feet saves the devotees from all calamities. It results in the destruction of all demons,ghosts and Brahma Rakshasas. To convey that You crush the demons into powder You wear a sign of a mace in Your feet."
(The Gada rekha signifies destruction of all calamities related to bad spirits)

Sloka 36-37:
"Lord Padmanabha! You stay in the lotus hearts of devotees, who sing the glories of Thy lotus feet, along with Your wife Padma and Brahma, who emanated from a lotus. To signify this Thou wears a sign of Lotus in Thy feet."
(The Padma rekha signifies that the Lord resides eternally in the lotus hearts of His devotees.)

Sloka 38-39:
(More significance of Padma rekha is given)
" All the great ponds, which are destroyers of grievous sins,like Viraja, Manasa Sarovara and Ganga have their birth place on Thy lotus feet. These ponds are filled with red lotuses with thousands of petals and with beautiful flowers. Padma Rekha also signifies this."

Sloka 40-41:
(More significance of Padma Rekha is given)
" The divine mother Padma resides in Your lotus heart and drinks the beauty of Your lotus feet with Her lotus-like eyes. She meditates in Her lotus heart on the glory of Thy lotus feet. Keeping Your lotus feet on her soft thighs she massages them with her lotus-like hands. You wear the Padma rekha in Your feet to remember the love of Padmaja towards Thy lotus feet."

Sloka 42-43:
"A devotee can purify himself of all sins by writing the glory of Thy lotus feet with his own hands and gift it to a devoted Vaishnava. To signify the destruction of the mountain of sins Thou wears the Vajra rekha( sign of diamond) in Thy feet."
(Vajra rekha signifies the destruction of mountain of sins of the devotee)
Sloka 44:
"The six powerful elephants namely lust, anger, greed, delusion, ego and jealosy are subdued by You for Your devotees, who worship Your lotus feet. To demonstrate this, Thou wears the sign of goad in Thy feet."
(Ankusa rekha signifies the subduing of Arishadvargas of the devotees)

Sloka 45:
"Devotees who listen to the glory of Thy lotus feet are uplifted by You to great heights in life. To signify this Thou wears the sign of Dhwaja in Thy lotus feet".
(Dhwaja is the flag pole in temples. Dhwaja rekha in Lord's feet signifies upliftment of devotees.)

Sloka 46:
"The great Universe with all its nine Avarana's had become weak with the touch of Thy lotus feet's little finger. Who can describe the glory of Thy lotus feet then?"


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