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Friday, July 13, 2007

Annamacharya about Tirumala hills!

Annamacharya was one of the greatest saints, who sanctified this earth with his devotion towards the Supreme. He wrote and sang 360000 songs describing the glory of the Lord of seven Hills. It is very interesting to see that Annamacharya wrote many songs explaining the glory of Tirumala. The following is the vision annamacharya had about Tirumala.
"The seven hills of Venkatadri are verily Adisesha's thousand hoods. The hill venkatadri is indeed Vaikunta on the earth. One cannot explain the glory of Tirumala even in thousand verses. The eternal vedas have taken the forms of various stones in Tirumala. Great sages have incarnated themselves as trees in the forrests of Tirumala to liberate themselves. This is to say that one should have done so much punyam even to become a tree in sacred tirumala. The streams that flow in the hills of tirumala are a sum total of auspicious acts of all devotees. Even divinities like Brahma consider living in Tirumala a great fortune. Great divinities roam in tirumala disguising themselves as animals and wait for a chance to worship the Lord. Divine lakes like Ksheera sagara(milk ocean) in Vaikunta verily became the ponds in tirumala. There is nothing that one cannot achieve by worshipping the Lord in tirumala. If one desires wealth, food, progeny, power or moksha let him reach Tirumala as soon as possible and meditate on the Lord, who is the master of Maha Lakshmi. When one takes refuge at the feet of the Lord, whom the Goddess Sri serves with great humility, is there anything impossible? Even the divine mother Sri decided to stay at His feet though He had given her a place in His heart. The reason is too obvious . Let us meditate on His feet and only His feet! This is sufficient to cleanse us of all our sins accumulated from endless births and give us liberation."
narayana smaranam.


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    I have been looking for material on Vykhanasa Agama and your posting have been great. Can you please send me more material on Utsava Vidhi in Vykhanasa Agama.

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